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Don't be late getting to work in the morning or back from lunch because of a long line at the pickup window. Forget about the aggravation of lunch-hour traffic. Why waste gas and 10 to 20 minutes of your time when you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner delivered to your office at the very beginning of your scheduled break? (service available from 7am-5pm)

If you've ever wanted fast food delivered instead of having to pick it up, here's a golden opportunity to take advantage of, right now. is here to take your order and deliver it to you (and your colleagues) in a timely manner.

Click Here to begin the order process. We currently only guarantee on-time (20 to 30 minute) delivery for McDonalds and Burger KIng in your area. The list will grow as interest is shown. So spread the word about our service!

Thank you for your patronage...

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